Specialty Cocktails

  • Emperor Mojito

    Migaki soju, fresh lime juice, lemongrass syrup, mint, ginger ale

  • Green with Envy

    Glass Nectar Vodka, Ito En green tea, simple syrup, Melon Midori, cucumber, lemon.

  • Somber Lemon

    Smirnoff Blueberry Vodka, triple sec, sweet & sour, lemon juice, blue curacao

  • Shogun

    Big Gin, Momkawa Junmai Sake, rosemary simple syrup

  • Mount Fuji

    Nigori Sake, Malibu Coconut Rum, lime, coco lopez

  • Dark and Stormy

    Goslings Dark Rum, lime juice, house made ginger beer

  • Rye Buck

    Bulleit Rye Whiskey, lime juice, house made ginger beer

  • Sansei Gimlet

    Lemongrass Vodka, sweet& sour, cucumber, lemongrass syrup

  • Thai Collins

    Yazi Ginger Vodka, sweet & sour, cucumber, lemongrass syrup

  • Coconut Margarita

    Tequila, coco lopez, lime juice

  • Leviathan Mai Tai

    Bacardi Light Rum, Kraken Rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, passion fruit

  • “Smokey” Gimlet

    Mexcal Sotol, lime, orange bitters, rosemary simple

  • Emerald Elderflower

    St. Germain, Green Chartreuse, Prosecco

The Classics

  • Perfect Manhattan

    Bulleit Bourbon, sweet & dry vermouth, bitters

  • Walnut Old Fashioned

    Sazerac Rye Whiskey, Nocino Liqueur, orange bitters, simple syrup

  • Vesper Martini

    Big Gin, Dry Fly Vodka, Lillet

  • Moscow Mule

    Tito's Vodka, lime juice, house made ginger beer


  • Tatoosh Rye

    Absinthe, bitters, simple syrup

  • Hennessey Cognac

    Absinthe, bitters, simple syrup

  • Hibiki Whiskey

    Absinthe, bitters, simple syrup

Draft Beers

  • Kirin Ichiban

    Tokyo, Japan, 4.9% ABV

  • Fremont Session Pale Ale

    Seattle, Washington, 4.5% ABV

  • Pike Place Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale

    Seattle, Washington, 8.2% ABV

  • Pike Place IPA

    Seattle, Washington, 6.3% ABV

  • Elysian Space Dust IPA

    Seattle, Washington, 8.2% ABV

  • Elysian Zephyrus Pilsner

    Seattle, Washington, 4.7% ABV

  • Reuben’s Brews Gose

    Seattle, Washington, 4.6% ABV

  • Square Mile Hard Apple Cider

    Portland, Oregon

Bottled Beers

  • Budweiser

    Saint Louis, Missouri 5% ABV

  • Sapporo (22 OZ)

    Tokyo, Japan, 4.9% ABV

  • Hitachino, Nest White Ale

    Ibaraki, Japan, 5.5% ABV

  • Kona Big Wave

    Kona, Hawaii, 4.4% ABV

  • Elysian’s Men’s Room

    Seattle, Washington, 5.6% ABV

  • Windmer Hefeweizen

    Portland, Oregon, 4.9% ABV

  • Best Damn Rootbeer

    Saint Lous, Missouri, 5.5% ABV Also available as a float

  • Bitburger Drive

    Bitburger, Germany, Non-Alcoholic

Non Alcoholic Drinks

  • Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee Hapuna Blend

  • Assorted Coca Cola Sodas

  • Perrier Sparkling Water

  • Lemonade

    Strawberry, Blueberry, Lychee, Passion Fruit

  • Ito En Green Tea

  • House Made Ginger Beer



  • Gekkeikan Nigori, Unfiltered

Sakes on Tap

  • Momokawa, Organic Junmai Ginjo

    Medium bodied with lush aromas and flavors of tropical flowers, fruits, honey and underlying spicy notes.

  • Bushido, Junmai

    Full bodied and bold sake with tropical notes of passionfruit, mango and peach with hints of white flowers and anise.

Sakes by the Glass & Bottle

  • Murai, Tokubetsu Honjozo

    Layered with anise, melon and tropical fruit notes with subtle earth tones that balance the fruit.

  • Tozai, Living Jewel Junmai

    Flavors of white grape, fresh herbal notes and a hint of sweet rice.

  • Ura Gassanryu, “Fragrant Flower” Honjozo

    Hints of white grape, blueberry, mint, apple and juicy pear.

  • Shinsei, Junmai Daiginjo

    Aroma and flavors of pineapple, candied melon and pumpkin. Soft and bright on the palate.

  • Shichi Hon Yari, “7 Spearsmen” Junmai

    Complex on the palate with umami, mushroom, ripe apples and cherry. Great with meat and hearty dishes.

  • Joto Yuzu, Unfiltered

    All natural sake blended with Yuzu juice that gives notes of sweet and tart flavor of mandarin orange, Meyer lemon and key lime.

  • Kurouchi, “Black Bull” Junmai Ginjo

    Elegant and aromatic. Balanced citrus flavors - sweet and tart balanced with green grass notes which come from the heirloom rice called Omachi.

  • Ozeki Shiro, Unfiltered

    A natural sweetness, with a lighter texture from the rice that enlighten flavors of coconut and peach.